Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are Pressies? 
A fun way of saying press on nails.

2) How do I put these things on? 
I made a vid! Check it out here. Each order also comes with a 'User Manual'.

3) Will Pressies damage my nails?
If you pry them off? Yep. Just like gel polish, acrylics, hard gel, or ANY other nails enhancement - peeling Pressies will def damage your natural nails. SO, don’t peel them off! If you are having a hard time removing them, we recommend soaking your nails in warm soapy water and/or cuticle oil.

4) Are Pressies reusable? 
Yes! And each kit comes with 24 nails. So even if you lose a Pressie on a crazy night out - there is a ton of extras!

5) Do you ship? 
Of course! Spread the word. In Canada $5 flat rate shipping or spend $100 and it’s free (may as well pick up a couple sets). US and international - $10 flat rate! We also offer free pick-up options if you live in Winnipeg!

6) What comes in the Pressie kit? 
24 hand-painted nails, a file, a buffer to rough up your natural nail, a cuticle pusher, and long-lasting glue! As well as an instruction card to assist with application and a reusable pouch to keep your Pressies safe.

7) Are Pressies refundable?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of Pressies, we do not offer refunds. But please contact us if you have any questions regarding your Pressies!