Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are Pressies? 
A fun way of saying press on nails.

2) How do I put these things on? 
I made a vid! Check it out here.

3) Will Pressies damage my nails?
If you pry them off? Yep. Just like gel polish, acrylics, hard gel, or ANY other nails enhancement - peeling Pressies will def damage your natural nails. SO, don’t peel them off! We have 2 glue choices. One for long lasting wear and another for a one nighter or occasional wearer. 

4) Are Pressies reusable? 
Yup. And each kit comes with 24 nails. So even if you lose a Pressie on a crazy night out - you have tons of extras - you’re welcome! 

5) Are you single? 

6) Can I set you up with...?

7) Do you ship? 
Of course! Spread the word. In Canada $5 flat rate shipping or spend $100 and it’s free (may as well pick up a couple sets). US and international - $10 flat rate! We also offer free pick-up options if you live in Winnipeg!

8) What comes in the Pressie kit? 
24 hand-painted nails, a file to shorten length/shape, a buffer to rough up your natural nail, a cuticle pusher, and long-lasting glue! As well as an instruction card to assist with application!

8) Are Pressies refundable?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of Pressies, we do not offer refunds.