About Us

Courtney | Fingernails are Pretty


Oh hi there! When did you get here?! Doesn’t matter. Hi! I’m Courtney, owner of Fingernails are Pretty! I’ve been doing nails and struggling at life for 157 years now. I’ve worked at a ton of Toronto salons and spas but my ultimate fav is working in Winnipeg on my Pressies. 

So Pressies came to be out of selfish necessity on my part. I’m allergic to gel polish (super common for us folk who have been exposed to it for so long). I was always super jealous of my own clients, but the only way I could wear cool nail designs was if the polish is already cured. So fast forward to about a year ago - I painted a set of gel enhancements, cured them, glued them on and BAM I had a set of bad ass nails. The birth of Pressies! 

I have 2 friends one of which is my own offspring, HP. I’m a single mom, she’s the best, and we hang out all day everyday. Nails are fun. They’re for every single person who wants to wear them. Can’t wait to paint you a set! Seriously though, I should get to painting. Bye! 

Syd | Land of Hands


Hi there! I’m Syd. I’ve had an affinity with nail art for as long as I can remember. I was that kid that painted everyones nails at age 10. Crackle nail polish? My specialty! OPI mini’s. Yeah, you know the ones.

However, my journey with Pressies and Court in general started off pretty randomly. One summer day, I booked an appointment with Court, and then of course, was HOOKED!  Fast forward to an art festival in 2019. I ran into Court, she saw I had painted my own nails, and told me to go to nail school. Guess what I did? (Hint: I went to nail school). We became big sis, lil sis, and the rest is history. 

Here are some miscellaneous facts about me:

— I’ve never eaten a salad in my entire life. 
— I'm a lover of THE CHEAPEST wine, astrology + chocolate covered mangoes.
 — My favourite word is scrumptious, for no other reason than it sounds cute when you say it. 
— I don’t own a single pair of pants that aren’t gauchos. 

Cheers — can’t wait to paint a pretty set of pressies for ya.